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Candlelight Yoga & Sound Healing

Mondays 6:15 - 7:30 pm

Candlelight Yoga with Sound Healing

Mondays 6:15 -7:30 pm


Rejuvenate your natural rhythm & harmony, improve strength & flexibility, dissolve tension and experience a deep sense of well-being that will support you well after the session is over.

(Restorative - Hatha)

8 class card $80 (valid 10 weeks)

4 class card $50 (valid 6 weeks)

Single $15


Class registration closes at

4pm each Wednesday

Pre-Registration Required


"This was a spiritual experience"  M.L.

"I feel calm and relaxed"  E.P.

For info call:  305 316-6893



pilates group.jpg


Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 pm  &

Sundays 9-10 am


Wednesdays* 6:15-7:15 pm (new day)

Sundays 9-10 am

Mat Pilates is designed to challenge the beginner and the practicing Pilates student. Mat classes are a great way to learn the fundamental principles of the Pilates method. Pilates is a full body-conditioning program comprised of a series of approximately 500 designed movements performed on a mat and/or on specific apparatus.


Pilates improves strength, flexibility, balance, control and muscular symmetry. The rhythmic exercises promote elongated and toned muscles, and are noted for developing abdomen, lower back and buttocks strength, and create a strong body core.

8 class card $80 (valid 10 weeks)

4 class card $50 (valid 6 weeks)

Single $15

Class registration closes at

4pm each Wednesday

Pre-Registration Required

 For info call: 305 316-6893



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Self-Myofascial Release 101

Sunday September 29, 2019

Self-Myofascial Release 101

        10: 15 am - 2:15pm


   $75 Pre-Registration

Payment Plan available*

(must be paid in full by July 15

or the $75  tuition will apply)*

Please contact me for information on where to pre-order foam roller & balls*

For info call: 305 316-6893.

Benefits of Self Myofascial Release

According to National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), here are some benefits of Self Myofascial Release:

  • Corrects Muscle Imbalances

  •  Improves Joint Range of Motion

  • Relieves Muscle Soreness and Joint Stress

  • Improves Neuromuscular Efficiency

  •  Relaxes our Muscles

  •  Provides Optimal Length-Tension relationships


  • No experience Necessary

  • Pre-Registration Required

  • What's included:

  • healthy snacks

  • educational handouts

  • What to bring: 

  • Mat

  • Water

  • Towel

  • Foam Roller

  • Balls



Register Below
8 Classes (12 weeks)  



AVAILABLE for Corporate, Group, Private Events

Storm Moon.jpg

FULL Thunder Moon Sound Meditation

Sunday 7/14/19

FULL Thunder Moon Sound Meditation

 Shamanic Drumming, Smudge Ceremony, Releasing Ceremony & Charging of Crystals

"The Full Thunder Moon can startle and snap us to attention with its clap and clatter. Illuminations may arrive, like the downpour of rejuvenating, cooling rain. Drink up the inspiration, like the flowers, trees and grass soaking up the rain".  Robert McDowell

Sound Healing Meditation 6:00 -7:45 pm

Adults $25     Teens $15

No experience necessary 

Pre-Registration Required  

 305 316-6893 Rose

Bring a friend and you're both registered in a raffle to WIN a FREE 20 minute Specialty Tension Release Massage!

Last day for Bring a Friend Raffle Registration July 8th




Full Moon in Aquarius 


FULL Moon In Aquarius

Tratak & Sound Meditation

Full Moon in Aquarius brings two elements together; Fire and Air - (August=Leo, Moon in Aquarius) as does Tratak this month's meditation. 


It is one of the 6 ShatKarmas  or ShatKriyas (cleansing techniques to purify the body and mind). Regular practice helps to still the Eyes and the Mind,  decrease rajas (agitation), activates the subtle sense in vision (comprehension of the power of light= illumination), and increase visual power (manifesting).

Tratak Meditation (candle gazing)

A candle gazing meditation helps bring energy to the Third Eye, increases concentration, and improves memory.   It is considered a Third Eye Meditation.

Sound Healing Meditation 6:00 -7:45 pm

Adults $25     Teens $15

Last day to Register August 4th

No experience necessary 

Pre-Registration Required  

 305 316-6893 Rose



rebirth September Harvest Moon.jpg

Autumn Equinox -

Harvest Moon Meditation


Harvest Moon - Autumn Equinox

The Harvest Moon provides the most light at the time when it’s needed most—to complete the harvest!

 According to Simone Matthew's article The Great Cosmic Breath, "Both the ​Spring & Autumn Equinoxes​ are the pauses or ​transitions within the breath. The Equinox is where day and night are of equal length – the energies coming together as one – Heaven & Earth, Spirit & Matter, Mind & Soul."

Sound Healing Meditation 6:00 -7:45 pm

Adults $25     Teens $15

No experience necessary 

Pre-Registration Required 

Bring a friend and you're both registered in a raffle to WIN a FREE 20 minute Specialty Tension Release Massage!

Last day for Bring a Friend Raffle Registration

September 15th

call:  305 316-6893



4 Classes (8 weeks)
Drop-In      Single Class



PLEASE NOTE:  For ALL payments please visit the upcoming events page at


click on the PAYPAL button next to the event or class of your choice. 

Pre-Registration Required for all events and classes

Special Interest 

July, August & November

YogaByRose at Sea


4th of July SALE!!!

July 1-7,  2019

4th of July SALE!!!!


Buy 10 class package $100 

use it in 30 days and receive  50% off a

Sound Healing Meditation

Yoga, Mindfulness Painting & Wine, Oh MY!  ;)

Friday, August 9, 6:30-9pm

Self-Love Investment $25

and receive a FREE Class!

Restorative Yoga &

Myofascial Release Workshop

Labor Day Weekend - TBA -  9:00-11:30 am  

Self-Love Investment NOW $25

Pre-Registration Required

SAVE $10 -  after sale $35


2-30 minute     $ 60

Tension Release Specialty Massage 

(head, scalp, neck, shoulders & face*)


Register for

Therapeutic Stress & Anxiety

8 Week Series - $200

and Receive the Pre-Assessment FREE

SAVE $40 (reg. $40)

 120 Minute -  $99

 Me, My-Selfie & I

Summer Care Package


*Hand & Foot Scrub, Massage,

Moisturizing & Paraffin Treatment

*Tension Release Specialty Massage

(head, scalp, neck, Shoulders, face*)

*Steam & Specialty Facial Mask

(face optional*)

Sale July 1- 7th


If attending individual activities:  Please arrive during the transition times only , leave your personal belongings by the entrance and enter the room quietly.

Please turn off cell phones before you enter our space

Pre-Registration Required.  Space is Limited.

305 316-689


RSVP Required
YogaByRose Cruise 2019.jpg


at Sea

 November 1-4, 2019                Friday-Monday

Join us as we sail away to the BAHAMAS!

NOVEMBER 1-4, 2019

3 day Yoga Retreat aboard Carnival's Victory

There's No Place Like Om! -

a vibrational experience

ADDED perks!     

Make Monthly payments

$25 on-board credit,

Welcoming Cocktail & Sail Away Party Celebration Dinner and friends!

OCEAN VIEW & BALCONY available from $259pp

On Board Activities:

Sound Meditations

Yoga at Sea

Shamanic Drum Jam session

Yoga & Qi Gong on the Beach

Leisure time

...and surprises!

Only 4 cabins left!!!!!!!


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MindFULL or Mindful.jpg

Mind FULL to Mindful

July13- August 31 , 2019

From: Mind FULL to Mindful


July 13- August 31

Saturdays 12-1:30 pm

 Tuition : $250 

includes 8 yoga practices, 

class supplies & educational materials

(3 hour weekly commitment required)


$170 - if currently attending yoga practice

DATES: July 13,20,27; August 3*,10,17,24,31

August 3* time TBA

 From: Mind FULL to Mindful

 a Yoga, Mindfulness & Art 

8 Week Program


Studies show that cultivating Mindfulness, can help relieve symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Body Image.  It also helps to improve focus, attention, concentration as well as develop coping skills and psychological resilience.  


According to an article published by Jessica Groom on on Mindfulness for beginners, mindfulness, "can help students study for longer or maintain focus during an exam. Mindfulness meditation and deep mindful breathing have also been shown to greatly reduce the body’s production of cortisol, the stress hormone."


In addition, Many studies go into specific benefits, such as lowered blood pressure, increased immune system functionality, increased self-awareness, and lessened pain sensitivity.


Mindfulness and Yogic techniques will be explored as well as Mindfulness based painting & drawing; sensory mindful exercises; journaling; music therapy, meditative art projects; movement; & Qi Gong. Educational material, worksheets, experientials & homework will help reinforce program goals.


Below is my Mission Statement, and I'd like to share it with you as it is my source of inspiration....


It is our belief that:

"We transcend and transform beyond our own perceived limitations,  and that working together, in Synergy, we emerge Radiant, Beautiful & Strong!"


Rose M. Csekle, E-RYT 500,

Clinical Yoga Therapy Candidate


for more information please contact me:

305 316-6893


305 316-6893
Contact Barbie at 305 323-5543

Drumming for Health


Half-Day Stress Relief Retreat


Half-Day Retreat

 TBA 12-4:30pm

Healing to the Beat of your Own Drum!

Half-Day Empowering Stress Relief Retreat


TBA     10-2:00 pm

Self-Love Investment $

Last day to Register 

Drum Code Sessions
Using Drum Healing, Drum Circles, Breathwork, Dyas, Yogic & Mental Health techniques

Also Includes:

Tension Release Specialty Massage

(head, neck & Shoulders) *Raffle
Crystal Bowl Meditation
Delectable Healthy Snacks

This is a unique, profound and empowering stress relief sound healing experience.   You will have the opportunity to experience the therapeutic effect of drumming and being drummed as we all take turns being the givers and receivers in a three round process.  You will walk away knowing that you too have an intuitive healer inside of you! 

This experiential retreat has been designed to take sound healing and drumming to a whole new level with the benefits of drumming for each other with the purpose of healing and making our lives richer and more meaningful. It is a unique one of a kind experience for you and your loved ones, that will leave  you feeling regenerated and ready to face the next phase of your life. 

No experience necessary, just an open heart!

*This is a very powerful experience physically and emotionally. If you have a pacemaker, very sensitive hearing, or severe PTSD, please be cautious – however, you are very welcome to join us!

NOTE:  If you own percussion instruments, hand drums, djembe, congas, tambourines, or shakers, please feel free to bring them with you.  ;)



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Hand drum pic.jpg

Drumming for Health

July14, 2019     Sunday 4:30-5:30 pm

Drumming for Health

Community Jam Session   Time 4:30-5:30

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Last Day to Register July 7

By Donation 

Suggested Love Donation

Adults $15

Seniors $10

Teens $10

Kids $5

Kids under 5 FREE

Drum Circle

 Drum Circles "are an effective tool for health and wellness and a breath of fresh air in our fragmented stressed out world.  Research is pouring out pointing to Therapeutic Drum Circles as a powerful option for stress reduction and that is good news given that stress is the precursor for mental and physical illness"

Research Articles

Therapeutic Drum Circle Protocol brings value through the following benefits and applications:


  • Mental clarity

  • Mood enhancement

  • Community connection

  • Physical energy

*This is a very powerful experience physically and emotionally. If you have a pacemaker, very sensitive hearing, or severe PTSD, please be cautious – however, you are very welcome to join us!

 If you have percussion instruments (hand drums, djembe, congas, tambourines, shakers, etc.,) you'd like to donate, please contact me.  Your donation will help empower those seeking stress release, healing, laughter, joy and the therapeutic benefits of drumming!  

Love & Light Always,


305 316-6893



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drumming for kids.jpg

Drum Circle for

Kidz & Teens

Starting September, 2019

Drum Circle for Kidz & Teen

Yoga & Music Therapy Evidence Based Program for Stress, Anxiety & Depression Management

8 Week Session

Marching to the Beat of MY Own Drum!


  September  11, 18, 25,

  October 2, 9, 16 , 23, 30  

  Day: Wednesdays     Time: 5-6pm

Kidz  ages 6-12   Investment $100

Teens 13+            Investment $120

(includes intake form and questionnaire)

Marching to the Beat of MY Own Drum! 

This Session  is designed to help support your child's and teen's physical, emotional & psychological wellbeing while navigating everyday challenges by providing effective fun experiential activities.

Each class introduces instruments, music theory, life lessons, relaxation techniques, breath work (Pranayama), mindfulness, while encouraging conversations as well as synthesize concepts and emotions.

Stress relief has NEVER been this much fun!

Each session is designed to empower each child, relieve stress & anxiety, alleviate symptoms of depression, increase self-esteem, socialization skills, refine motor skills (processing information),  boost creativity, and encourage emotional release in a safe, loving, and supporting environment.


The Music, Yogic & Mental Health tools

presented in these classes encourage children and teens to march to the beat of their own drum and to listen to the rhythms of their own lives.

" It even helps to teach them some basic mathematics. The drum rhythms are in time signatures, so math is taught without actually teaching it. It’s done in  the process of just playing the drums, and having fun. Drumming teaches them more focused listening, concentration, and about reaching goals"  says  Shannon Ratigan - of Drumming for Kids


for info: 305 316-6893



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Drum Circle Kidz & Teens


Sound Healing Meditation

July, August  September

FULL Thunder Moon

Sound Healing Meditation

Autumn Equinox - Harvest Moon
Full Moon in Aquarius

Mental Health Management

Mindfulness Painting



September 2019

Stress & Anxiety Management for Teens

September, 2019

Reserve your spot now!

Class is 60 minutes

8 week session

Love-Investment $200

Pre-Assessment $40

(need 5 students to start)

Adolescence brings it's own unique set of challenges.  Not quite a child, not yet an adult.

Yoga Therapy helps teens with Stress & Anxiety Management.  For example, Breathwork (Pranayama), postures (asanas), mindfulness (awareness), are just a few tools that will be part of their journey as they ease into adulthood. 

Breathwork (pranayama) helps to reduce stress, anticipatory, social & test anxiety by activating the relaxation response.  Pranayama (breathing techniques) helps us switch from the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) also known as fight or flight to the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) known as rest and digest.  Thereby, activating the relaxation response which is responsible for slowing down brain waves, respiration and heart rate.


Postures (asanas) teaches us to connect with our bodies, to recognize physical triggers, learn about body image, respect our bodies, as well as with self-esteem, self-confidence, affective tolerance, positive ways to release stress and physical fitness benefits.

Mindfulness (awareness) gives us insight into awareness, our thoughts, self-regulation, to handle and release emotions, to recognize physical and emotional triggers when dealing stress & anxiety management. 


These lifelong skills will become priceless gems throughout our lives.


For info: 305 316-6893



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June 2019

 Stress & Anxiety Management for Millenials

Next Series Starts: Saturday, June 15, 2019    

Reserve your spot now!

8 week session

Self-Love Investment  $200

Pre-Assessment $40

Yoga Therapy for Stress & Anxiety Management offers Millenials coping and problem solving strategies specific to Gen-Y.  

Yoga Therapy unites Mental Health & Yogic techniques bridging Eastern & Western Medicine. In essence, the best of both worlds.  For example:

Mental Health techniques include: learning to recognize when you're anxious and what that feels like in the body.  Learning coping skills and relaxation techniques to counteract anxiety and panic.  Confronting your fears (imagined or real).  This is known as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT 

Yoga techniques include: Breathwork (Pranayama), Postures (asanas), mindfulness (awareness), relaxation techniques, and helps with affective tolerance.  Eventually, helping to reconnect mind & body.  Yoga will help with other issues like: insomnia, pain management, stress, emotional, physical & spiritual wellness and to reconnect with the best version of you.

Are you having a Quarter-life Crises?

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), millennials experience more stress and are less able to manage it than any other generation.... 

while a 2014 American College Health Association (ACHA) assessment found that anxiety regularly afflicts 61% of college students.  Source: Psychology Today posted May 26, 2017 by Caroline Beaton The-Y Gen

For info:  305 316-6893



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Depressed teen.jpg

Life Happens!

August 2019

Millenials Support Group

Life Happens!

Monthly meeting:  August 10th 2019

Stress, Anxiety & Depression   (S.A.D.)

Mental Health Support Group

Self-Love Investment $20

We meet once a month (Time & day TBA)

for 1.5 hours

More info coming soon!!! :)

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to empower each individual, encourage self-discovery, self-growth, embrace uniqueness, and help each individual to find their voice.  United we can create a mental health platform through community involvement and community awareness.

Opportunities for:

Peer Mentorship Program

Community Involvement

Public Speaking 

Create Awareness

Pay it Forward

Please share with those who may benefit :)



For info: 305 316-6893



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            Stress& Anxiety Management
            Teen                           Millenials
Yoga for Stress and Anxiety pic.jpg

Yoga Therapy  for Stress & Anxiety

June, July, August 2019

Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety

Group Class


Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety facilitates the relaxation response by activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). Integration of Yogic and Mental Health techniques (tools) helps to create awareness, teaches stress coping techniques, self-regulation and offers psychological resilience for those seeking to manage stress and anxiety.


8 week Session     $200 

Pre-Assessment $40 

Saturdays *      10:30 - 11:45am 

Dates:  June 15, 22, 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27, August 3* (time & date subject to change*)

 Limited Space Available

(time and dates subject to change and determined by participant availability)*

 for more information call:    305 316-6893



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issues from tissues_edited.jpg

Restorative Yoga & Myofascial Release

Labor Day Weekend

Restorative Yoga &

Myofascial Release Workshop

(with Gong)

Labor Day Weekend 

Saturday, August 31st  -  12-2:30 pm  

4th of JULY SALE  !!!

Super Early Bird $25  

July1-7 (save $10)  it won't be repeated!

 $35 after July 7th


Explore the benefits of Myofascial Release and Restorative Yoga Combined. Myofascial Release (MFR) is a way to release tension in your fascia by applying gentle and sustained pressure to the connective tissues and reconnecting with your breath. This can help increase mobility, hydrate your tissues, relieve tension and reduce pain. This workshop will use fascia balls and a roller as tools to provide relief to your tissues.


After a full body roll-out, with mindful breath, we'll work through a light yoga flow and several restorative yoga postures that you'll hold for several minutes at a time. Roll and Restore is designed for individuals at all levels of physical activity.

While holding your restorative Asana, the soothing grounding vibrational sounds of our 30" & 20" Gongs will transport you into to a deep state of relaxation. 

  • Conducive to healing and transformation;
  • Reduces the internal dialogue;
  • Induces a state of meditation by calming the mind;
  • Helps to recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments;
  • Creates a state of relaxation and release of tension;
  • Physically, it releases blocks and tension in the body and stimulates the glandular, nervous and circulation system. It also increases our prana, our life force;
  • Helps clear emotional and energetic blockages;
  • Strengthening of the immune system;
  • helps to stop the constant “chatter” of our minds;
  • Regenerates the parasympathetic nervous system;
  • Awakens higher levels of consciousness;
  • Bathes you in a cascade of healing sounds —  shift the brain from waking (Beta) state to Delta or Theta (meditation) through the vibrations of the instrument.

Gongs are healing instruments  for the nervous system that generate alchemical vibrational blends that connects & develops the Inner Self.

 Pre-Registration Required

Limited Space Available

 for more information call:    305 316-6893



305 316-6893
Mandala paint with a twist.jpg

Mindfulness Painting, Yoga & Wine ;)

Friday, August 9, 2019

An Evening of …


Mindfulness Painting

Yoga, & Wine

 Friday, August 9, 2019  

 6:30-9 pm  

Self-Love Investment $25 

$30 after July 31st

Pre-Registration Required to reserve your spot

Last day to register August 2

Mindfulness Painting  is an empowering and profound healing experience through the use of paint, paper/canvas and brushes.  It is a creative practice for meditating with your brush in your hand.  

Painting techniques are not necessary nor will they be taught. You bring self-awareness and presence to access your inner creative source. Simply bring your openness to discovery, curiosity and willingness to dive into the unknown. What you gain is a more interactive relationship with your intuition, and that process allows you access to your own individual creative expression.


Mindfulness Painting  spans the relationship between body, soul and spirit. It is groundbreaking work that provides a new paradigm for healing, distinguished from art therapy.   

Limited Space Available

for info call:  305 316-6893



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Stress & Anxiety                  Pre-Assessment                            Depression                                          Mindfulness Painting

Coming this FALL 2019


Gift Certificates

While you're here, remember to check out our Om Pop-up Shop !


The Om Pop-up Shop carries a variety of items for your wellness needs.  Choose from tote bags, notebooks, coasters, Customized T-shirts racerbacks, & hats

Items for smudging ceremonies, sage, cedar, incense, abalone shells, oils for your home, amulets, reusable heating pads, and more...

Gift Certificates available for your wellness needs.  Starting at $10 

Gift Certificates for Every Occasion!




Get Well



Yoga Therapy

Sound Therapy

Massage Therapy

Sound Healing Meditations

Yoga Classes

Pilates Classes


Teacher gifts



Available for Private, Corporate & School Events

Call Rose for info:  305 316-6893


305 316-6893

Open House


September 22, 2019


Join us for an afternoon of Free Classes

Bring A Friend!

Empowering Your Divine-Self

Drum Circle  4:30-5:00 pm

 Drum Circles "are an effective tool for health and wellness and a breath of fresh air in our fragmented stressed out world.  Research is pouring out pointing to Therapeutic Drum Circles as a powerful option for stress reduction and that is good news given that stress is the precursor for mental and physical illness"

Shamanic Drum Chakra Meditation

5-5:20 pm

Smudge Ceremony 5:30pm

Autumn Equinox - Harvest Moon Meditation


Research Articles

We use a diverse collection of drums from around the world in a new and powerful Therapeutic Drum Circle Protocol bringing value through the following benefits and applications:


  • Mental clarity

  • Mood enhancement

  • Community connection

  • Physical energy

*This is a very powerful experience physically and emotionally. If you have a pacemaker, very sensitive hearing, or severe PTSD, please be cautious – however, you are very welcome to join us!


Bring friends or make friends! 

Complimentary snacks & tea.

Gift Certificates Available.

Shop early for SPECIAL Massage Packages*

RSVP NOW - Limited Space  305 316-6893 Rose


305 316-6893
hot-stone-massage-relax pic.jpg

September 2019

Mini-SPA Day & Sound Meditation

Renew Your Body, Mind & Spirit!

Date:  Saturday, September 21

What's Included:

  • Face Steam & Specialty Mask

  • Tension Release Specialty Massage

  • Hand soak, scrub, massage

  • foot soak, scrub, massage

  • Aromatherapy

  • Tratak (gazing)

  • Mantras

  • Sound Therapy

  • Complimentary Mimosas

Pre-Registration is Required***

*Bring a friend and you both enter a raffle to WIN a FREE 20 minute Relaxation Specialty Massage (head, neck & shoulders)

Must register at the same time -Last Day August 30th

Things to Bring:  Robe, Slippers or Socks, Headband, (foot spa if you prefer your own)

Self-Love Investment:    $75 early bird

After August 30th - $90

(due to the nature of the event, limited space and scheduling of services, advance self-love investment required) 

SPA DAY Package available for Private Events


305 316-6893



Yoga Mat


Eye Mask


No experience necessary




(However, amount can be credited towards the next event IF there is space available). NOTICE: Notification MUST be given at least 48 hours in advance in order to receive credit for the next event.

Lotus RoOm

Therapeutic Wellness

Mind* Body* Spirit*

for more information call

(305) 316-6893

For a list of Therapeutic Wellness treatments & services

click on the LotusRoOm page

Check out our.....

Monthly Specials!

Wednesdays is

Senior Appreciation Day!

Gift Certificates Available




Appointments are based on availability, Make your appointment today!



Please wear loose comfortable clothing. NO cell phones or late arrivals due to the nature of the event.  The Vibrational Therapy experience is one of deep relaxation. Please observe proper yoga etiquette.




Give the gift of Wellness for

You and Your LOVED ONES!!!

Available from $10 and up

(amounts can be applied towards scheduled privates, services & small group sessions).

Certificates expire 90days from purchase date

call/text  (305) 316-6893


Instagram: YogaByRose8